The Application Value of Virtual Avatars

Virtual avatars are expected to serve as a vital link in the “human-object-field” metaverse chain capable of creating and transmitting information within the new ecosystem.


We intend to restructure the content production model. We will also strive to improve productivity and the quality of digital content.

Modeling, driving, rendering, editing, and compositing processes are gradually automated on the basis of more mature virtual avatar technology, brought up to speed in real-time and made more intelligent. Compared with live performance, there is more space for free play, and the creative content and extension spaces are released to improve the content production efficiency and reduce production costs in a significant way.

It is our goal to redefine the fan economy. We will also help the brand spread more quickly.

The persona, words, and deeds of virtual idols are controlled by the brand and are more controllable and secure than those of a real human star. They can also be extended to diversified virtual scenes in the metaverse to achieve multi-layer communication. IP-based virtual idols are shaping up into a popular trend, and the fan economy is on its way up.

The basic starting point for a digital transformation We are here to help enterprises improve quality and efficiency in production and operation.

Virtual avatars will be widely used in media, education, finance, medical care, and sports among other fields and will provide a new path for the digital transformation and development of enterprises, all while playing an increasingly important role in improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise production and operation.

Core metaverse digital assets Boundless imagination for a “second life”

Virtual avatars are set to become the core interactive carrier and a gateway to the metaverse. Through a virtual avatar, anyone will be able to enter the metaverse and experience digital content by immersing themselves in games, entertainment, social interaction, education, and sports among others, with an opportunity to start a “second life” and pursue a truer and more ideal self.
Virtual Digital Avatar Engine

The virtual digital avatar engine developed by FaceUnity integrates computer graphics, speech recognition, semantic understanding, and other AI technologies and comes equipped with image creation, expression, and intelligent interaction capabilities covering all links from virtual avatar modeling and content production to multi-scene interactive communication. FaceUnity can harness its virtual digital avatar engine to provide full-stack virtual avatar solutions that include algorithms, platforms, application software, and technical services for entertainment, service, social, and other fields.

Image Creation Multi-style Modelling Real-time Rendering Offline Rendering Physical Simulation Avatar Face Customization & Dressing
Intelligent Drive Speech-to-animation Motion-driven Avatar Emoji-driven Avatar Voice Recognition Semantic Understanding
Application Scheme Intelligent Virtual Avatar Platform Hyper-realistic enterprise spokesperson AI Virtual Live Streamer AI Virtual Assistants Virtual Live Streaming
Multi-terminal Adaptation

Offline Large Screen
Culture & Tourism
Medical treatment
Film & Television

We design a second avatar apart from the real world for metaverse socializing and entertainment and satisfy the individual’s demand for virtual identity.

AI Virtual Assistants

Virtual avatars can provide consulting, care, companionship, business, and a bevy of other services so as to meet the needs of a new generation for personalized consultants and services.

Virtual host, virtual live streamer, virtual idol

We can help customize virtual host/live streamer/idol, support one-click video generation from audio/text content, realize fast and automatic production of program content, create brand-specific IP image, interact with audiences, and help optimize the overall viewing experience.

Virtual tour guide, virtual commentator

Small virtual theaters including museums, science and technology museums, theme parks, and former residences of celebrities, virtual tour guides, virtual commentators

Intelligent customer service, intelligent financial adviser

Through the roles of an intelligent financial adviser and intelligent customer service, we can realize customer-centered, intelligent, and efficient humanized service.

Psychologist, family doctor

We can provide family care/family doctor/psychological consultation with virtual avatars who will see to the physical and mental health needs of family members in real time and provide timely suggestions.

Customer service virtual avatar, business management virtual avatar, virtual live streaming

From large screen, robot to holographic space, four application scenarios of data analysis, personalized marketing, intelligent shelves, and unmanned stores are employed to construct a new process of offline retail services. The virtual digital avatar interacts with the audience and introduces products during the live streaming of e-commerce.

Virtual tutor

With scene-based education based on VR/AR, the virtual tutor helps to build an adaptive/personalized learning environment.

Digital double, virtual actor

Digital stunt effects can help directors create content and an effect that cannot be expressed in real-life shooting and have become an important technical means and selling point in the shooting of special effect commercial blockbusters.

Virtual Role

Game characters are more like real people and provide players with a stronger sense of immersion and playability.

Technical Superiority
Diverse virtual images

We make it possible to create a virtual avatar quickly, support exclusive customization, and provide multiple types of virtual avatars such as two-dimensional, 3D cartoon, hyper-realistic, and real human avatars.

Vivid interactive performance

We support human motion and expression capture drive and voice/text drive, which control the virtual avatar’s lip movements, facial expressions, and body gestures and generate realistic virtual avatar animation and interaction.

Mature and comprehensive product plan

We provide comprehensive, multi-terminal SDK, as well as complete software solutions. Fast and flexible virtual avatar capabilities are there to be introduced according to the requirements of different scenes.

Application Scheme
Intelligent Virtual Avatar Platform Super Realistic Enterprise Spokesperson Virtual Live-streaming E-commerce AI Virtual Assistants AI Virtual Anchor

AvatarX, the intelligent virtual avatar platform, relies on the original “virtual digital avatar engine” to provide cross-platform virtual avatar solutions for different industries through an SDK that generates, renders and drives the avatar.

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We provide high-precision virtual avatar customization services for enterprises, efficiently producing multi-dimensional virtual content assets, creating an intelligent virtual IP that can speak, move and interact, digging deep into the commercial value of virtual IP, and catapulting enterprises into a forward position in the metaverse era.

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Reduce live operation costs and increase live room sales Empowering brand IP marketing and boosting IP business realisation

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Customized interactive experiences are available on demand. 24/7 is available for the intelligent upgrade of enterprise customer service systems.

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One-click generation to improve content production efficiency. Real person analogy to help innovate video content.

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